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Beechcraft 1900D Replacement Windows

When you need a Beechcraft 1900D replacement window, contact us here at Avocet. All Lee Aerospace aircraft replacement windows are FAA certified and ready to ship direct to your facility.

A) Beechcraft 1900D Cockpit Storm Windows

The Beechcraft 1900D cockpit storm window replacement incorporates a secondary seal bonded to the window for improved protection from air and water leakage. Additionally this provides an improved fit to the airframe which is improved and comes standard on all new production King Airs.

Part Numbers:

  • LA101-420122-59 (LH Drilled and Seal)
  • LA101-420122-60 (RH Drilled and Seal)
    • Incorporates a secondary seal bonded to the window
    • Improved protection from air and water leakage
    • Improved fi t to the airframe
    • Standard on new production King Airs
  • LA101-420209-0003 seal only (without window)

B) Beechcraft 1900D Cockpit Side Windows

The Beechcraft 1900D cockpit side window replacement returns your aircraft to flying condition and protects the interior from air and water leakage.

Part Numbers:

  • LA129-420049-3
  • LA129-420049-4

Cockpit side windows are also available oversized.

C) Beechcraft 1900D Front Cabin Windows

The Beechcraft 1900D front cabin window replacement is laminated formed and comes in dark tint, light tint and clear.

Part Numbers:

  • LA129-430041-1 (Laminated Formed and Dark Tint)
  • LA129-430056-1 (Monolithic Formed Dark Tint)
  • LA129-430056-5 (Monolithic Flat Dark Tint – Alternate)
  • LA129-530052-15 (Inner Pane – Also available in Light Tint and Clear)

D) Beechcraft 1900D Rear Cabin Windows

The Beechcraft 1900D Rear Cabin Window Replacement is a superior product when needing to replace your rear cabin windows. Combined with the Inner Panel you can return your cabin to its former clean view of the outside world as it flies past. We have three part numbers associated with this window for the right and left sides of the airplane.

Part Numbers:

  • LA129-430056-1, Monolithic Formed Dark Tint
  • LA129-430056-5, Monolithic Flat Dark Tint
  • LA129-530052-15, Inner panel

Additionally these windows can be purchase in clear and light tints.