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PPG Aerospace – Transparencies has long been recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of OEM and aftermarket transparencies. Their FAA / EASA approved, state-of-the-art facility in Huntsville, USA, provides an overhaul service for framed window assemblies, enabling us to supply a competitively priced alternative to factory new whilst still offering a full two-year warranty.

Good reasons to choose PPG

  • PPG product is built to the latest OEM specs and configuration.
  • PPG is the OEM for Hawker Beech.
  • PPG windshields perform longer in the field.
  • PPG stands behind its product and honors their warranties – 24 months  after installation.



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Avocet holds the following PPG rebuilt windshields in stock for immediate despatch at very competitive prices; contact us today for a quote.

Part Number Part Description Aircraft Model
101-384025-23 Windshield L/H King Air 200
101-384025-24 Windshield R/H King Air 200
50-420069-37 Windshield L/H King Air 90
50-420069-38 Windshield R/H King Air 90
114-384020-5 Windshield L/H Beech 1900
114-384020-6 Windshield R/H Beech 1900

Installation kits for the below are also available from stock factory new with FAA8130.

Part Number Part Description
101-5041-1 S Installation Kit (for 2 windshields)
101-5041-3 S Installation Kit (for 1 windshield)