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Our partnerships


Partnering Raisbeck, with their foundation in the performance enhancement of the King Air family, delivers a perfect synergy with Avocet’s background supporting these platforms.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Raisbeck’s designs have been incorporated into OEM production aircraft of some of the most powerful aviation brands in the world, including Beechcraft, Bombardier and Boeing.

Flow Through Anti-Ice Kit

Kit Part Number BI-1001-1

Installation time approx. 10 hours

In the original configuration, hot exhaust gas is extracted from both exhaust stacks and is ducted down both sides of the intake lip, to heat the lip, and then exits out the bottom of the cowling just aft of the lip, causing excessive exhaust sooting down the underbelly of each engine nacelle.

The Raisbeck Flow Through Anti-Ice kit changes this. The hot gas is now extracted from the right side only. It is then ducted down the right side, passes all the way through the duct, then comes up the left side of the cowling and exits out the left exhaust stack. The result is no exhaust sooting down the underbelly of each engine nacelle, keeping your airplane cleaner!


  • Improved clamping and piping
  • Eliminates exhaust sooting of nacelles
  • Cleaner airplane
  • Cleaning cost savings
  • Easy installation
  • FAA and EASA Certified


  • 200 Series EPIC Platinum Performance Package
  • B200/B200GT EPIC Gold Performance Package
  • CgoGT EPIC Performance Package
  • Cgo EPIC Performance Package
  • Ego EPIC Performance Package
  • 100/A100 EPIC Performance Package
  • EPIC Caravan Package

Individual Systems

  • Composites-Blade Swept Propellers
  • Aluminum 4-Blade Swept Propellers
  • Power Props
  • Crown Wing Lockers
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • Enhanced Perf. Leading Edges
  • High Flotation Gear Doors
  • Ram Air Recovery System
  • Aft Fuselage Locker
  • Auxiliary Heading Selector System